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Smart tv remote for LG 2016


This implementation is compliant only with LG Smart TVs released in 2012 are qui or later. If you own a LG Smart TV released in 2011 or before, please use the "LG TV Remote 2011" application.You can use LG TV Remote after-pairing your TV and mobile devices through the Sami WiFi network.The Mini TV feature might not be available for some channels due to provision of contents under copy protection règlements.Be sure to check before use.Check the state of Wi-Fi before use.If the Wi-Fi signal is weak, it is possible that you may experience malfunctions.Supported Models’12 TVLM9600, LM9500, LM9400, LM8600, LMG860, LM76XX,LM67XX, LM66XX, LM64XX, LM6300, LM62XX, LM6100,LM5900, LS5800, LS57XX, PA6900, PA4700 Series’13 TVLA9700, LA9600, LA8800, LA86XX, LA7900, LA74XX,LA7100, LA69XX, LA6800, LA66XX, LA6500, LA64XX,LA62XX, LN61XX, LN57XX, LN570B, PH67XX, PH6600,PN6700, PN5700, PH4700, PN4700 SeriesUB83XX, UB82XX,LB57XX, LB58XX, LB49xx,PB69xx, PB66xx’14 TVUB80XX, UB82XX, UB83XX, UB92XXLB49XX, LB57XX, LB58XX, LB61XXPB65XX, PB66XX, PB69XXMain FeaturesIf you have more than a lollipop * tvG OS does not support the more u + tv G touch the remote control. Use the remote control apps that Googles hope the newly installed free Nina. Thank you note, thank you. *U + tv G-touch remote control app is U + tv G customer who has used a smartphoneU + is a remote control application that provides quick and convenient access to help on the TV."U + tvG touch the remote control 2.0" LTE terminal (PAD excluded) million has been provided,3G terminal with LCD sizes smaller "U + tv G Remote Touch Lite" function is available only.U + tv G Touch Remote Lite1) Key Features- Remote mode, the number pad offers similar functionality to the existing H / W remote control keypad.2) tv G How to connect a set-top box- WiFi connection to set-top boxes in the same premises tv G Wireless Router- U + tv G-touch remote control app and set-top boxes Search selected (* set-top boxes in the connection settings After the initial driveThe search only if the phone is connected to the same wireless router.)- Select the connected set-top box and also enter the four-digit verification number displayed on the TV- After a set-top box is connected and data is synchronized, you can use the touch Lee Momo konaep.U + tv G Remote Touch 2.0Feature List: -● voice recognition commands to control TV● voice media controls (play, pause, forward, backward, Volume) are the main attractions voice commands feature● Choose TV to play / pause / mute on incoming call● remotely tailored to the needs● Favorite channels● Control TV volume with the side keys● Continue button press handling for volume / program / left-right-up-down buttons● Manual language selection● Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Danish, Swedish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Czech, Greek, Finnish, Hungarian, Slovenian , Catalan, Serbian, Hebrew supported● Automatic discovery● Check your TV from anywhere in the world (via network port forwarding in your router)● Testing the connection of your TV (useful in cases where there is no physical access available on your TV)● Choose Mobile "Full screen" / "screen with title bar" feature● Manual IP address settings